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Once again Talking Laws and Claws...


Tiger King on Netflix shocked and entertained us all by exposing the underbelly of exotic animal zoos.  If you haven’t see it yet, buckle the hell up, as you’ll be introduced to cult leaders, drug king pins, alleged black widows, and the man of the hour himself, the self-proclaimed “gay, gun-toting redneck,” Joe Exotic, a former candidate for president and current resident of county jail.  I know that most of you, like me, were wondering as the story got crazier and crazier by the minute, what exactly happened with that piece of federal legislation, the Big Cat Public Safety Act?  Legal research has got you.  

Library Resources During COVID-19: A Lannister always completes his legal research.


The UConn Law Library is closed until further notice. We will continue to follow University directives concerning COVID-19. You can remain updated on University-wide information by visiting While the library will be physically closed, we recognize that your classes and projects are ongoing. Below is a list of some of our services that will remain available, as well as additional resources you can use.

Research Materials

If you’re trying to do research, don’t fret! While physical books may be unavailable, students are able to access a plethora of resources online. Browse our catalog to find our e-resources. Any materials accessible online will be clearly marked with a green “Online access” link that will take you directly to the source.

A Legacy from the Past: University of Connecticut Law Wives


The silver punch bowl and ladle on display in the law library was given to the School of law for the dedication of the new law building on May 1, 1964.   Engraved “From the Law Wives, May 1, 1964”,  this set was a gift from the University of Connecticut Law Wives club. Formed on September 20th, 1961, University of Connecticut Law Wives club’s mission was to educate the law wife in the “problems and responsibilities of the profession her husband is about to enter” and to sponsor a yearly scholarship benefiting a “needy law student”. 

Pardons are in the Air



It’s that time of year again when the leader of the free world will release another turkey back into the wild.  It being Thanksgiving time, we’re talking about birds of course!  The history of officially pardoning turkeys doesn’t go back as far as you would think.  Yes, Truman may have pardoned a bird, but that was for Christmas, and while Reagan spared a turkey named Charlie, he only joked later that it was a pardon.  It was George H.W. Bush in 1989 that “officially” pardoned the first thanksgiving turkey.  You may be wondering how such awesome power is granted to and exercised by the presidency…  Legal research to the rescue!