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Staff Spotlight - Josh LaPorte


Josh LaPorte is the Circulation Supervisor for Access Services in the law library. He started working at the Law Library part-time in 2005, and became a full-time employee in 2006. His duties include managing the library’s circulation desk, supervising Access Services student staff, managing the stacks, and taking care of lots of other odds and ends for the library and law school.

How does your work fit into the core functions of the library/law school?

Our circulation desk also serves as an information/reception desk for the entire Law School campus. We are often the first point of contact for people visiting the campus, and need to keep ourselves aware of everything that happens at the Law School. We also serve as an important resource for members of the public who find themselves facing legal problems.

Games and Sports Equipment


The Library has a variety of sports equipment and games available from the main desk, courtesy of the SBA and Student Services office, which may be checked out.

Image of a football, a small red circular ball, and a small black circular ball all lying in grass.

Balls, bats, bocce. Take a study break and enjoy the lingering summer weather.

Image of a student making an underhand throw on the grass in front of the law library. Two students stand watching on each side of the thrower.

Toss some beanbags in a game of cornhole, or just relax in the sunshine on a lawn blanket.

Course Texts Available on Reserve


Forgot your casebook? Want to compare an earlier edition of a casebook to see what has changed before purchasing the new one? The Library keeps a copy of most required course texts on reserve – we have all casebooks but we do not purchase statutory supplements or coursepacks.

To locate books you need, please use the “Course Reserve” search available directly from the library home page (circled) and insert the course name or instructor into the search box (arrow):

Screen shot of UConn Law Library website with arrow indicating where to search.

If we don’t have the title we need, please let our desk staff know; we will verify that it is a required reading and purchase a copy for reserve.

Connecting to the CBA


Logo of the Connecticut Bar AssociationLaw students my join the Connecticut Bar Association free of charge, and are automatically enrolled in the CBA’s Young Lawyers Section.  The YLS is a great group of active, younger attorneys.

Additionally, in the second half of the bar year you can join other sections for free as well.  Have an interest in Indian Law?  Join the Indian Law Section.  Are you intrigued by animal law?  There’s a section for that.  Banking?  You got it.  See all the sections and join for free

Time Management Tips


Handwritten color-coded time table.We can all agree that law students are busy.  Classes, reading, student organizations, job searching, jobs… it is definitely a lot to manage.  Toss in preparation for finals and a lot of people get panicked.  And panic is the worst thing when you are trying to efficiently focus and absorb large amounts of information.

The following are some tips and strategies which can help you manage your time effectively. 

Delete, delete, delete!  Drop everything non-essential.  The end of the semester is not the time to start your holiday shopping or to declutter your kitchen.  If you are involved in student organizations, defer tasks and meetings to January if feasible.  Procrastination can steal valuable time, and it often manifests itself as a bunch of unimportant tasks and projects which suddenly seem important, allowing you an “out” from your studying.  Resist the distractions.  If something comes up, just take a second to jot down the chore somewhere for later reminder, acknowledge the distraction for what it is, and move on with your plan.