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Another Classic in the Making?


to kill a mockingbird book cover

Readers lost their minds this week with news that we're getting a new Harper Lee novel – over 50 years after her Pulitzer Prize-winning To Kill a Mockingbird.  If you're like me, you read about Scout in high school. Perhaps you've also seen the movie with Gregory Peck, who won the Oscar for best actor for his portrayal of Atticus Finch. Until now, Harper Lee had only published that one novel, although we now know that she actually wrote the manuscript for Go Set a Watchman first. Her editor at the time was so taken with the flashbacks from Scout's childhood that she told Lee to write that book first – which became the beloved To Kill a Mockingbird.

The new novel, which is due to be released in mid-July, promises a return to Scout as an adult, and her continued relationship with her father Atticus. The library will certainly purchase "Go Set a Watchman" when it becomes available. In the meantime, check out the Law Library's book and DVD copies of "To Kill a Mockingbird."