Celebrated on the last day of October, Halloween is a secular event in the United States and many other places.  Halloween generally conjures images of carved pumpkins, black cats, and skeletons; children dressing up in costumes going house to house saying “Trick or Treat”; horror movie marathons, and candy. Lots and lots of candy.  Speaking of candy, stop by the main desk on October 30 for a sugary treat.

And in the spirit of Halloween, we’ve done a little research magic and bring you these spooktacular legal controversies and cases related to Halloween:



I’ve lived in Hartford for most of my life, and am sharing some pointers to help you get the most out of what this city has to offer.  For brevity, I am focusing on the city itself, but there are tons of compelling offerings in the surrounding suburban communities as well.

I get around the city primarily on foot or by bus, while some of my friends prefer to bike or drive.  It’s really what works best for you.  If you are trying out the bus, the system is reasonably efficient and most of the bus drivers are very helpful.  You can find all the information on fares, routes, and schedules on CTTransit. Google maps transit search also seems to do a very good job of finding routes and connections.  Recently, Uber announced that they were lowering fares in the Greater Hartford area.