Feeding Your Brain over Winter Break


Last December, I shared some of our law collection’s top rated films to enjoy over your winter break. If fiction isn't your thing, you may want to explore the world of documentary film-making.

Documentaries are a wonderful way to learn about different perspectives and get caught up on current world events. You may even stumble across a topic worthy of using as a basis for your upper-level writing requirement!

Below is a list (alphabetical order with their release year) of a selection of documentaries in the library's collection.* These DVD’s can be borrowed from our reading lounge and reserve collections.

Study Tips for Final Exams - Part II


Reposted from December 7, 2014

photo of highlighted words in a bookLast week’s final exam tips were about how you can help yourself during final exams. This week it’s about how the library can help you.

Exam Archive
It was mentioned last week but is worth repeating again. The online exam archive has past finals which date from the 1960s through the present. A faculty member may not choose to put their exam in the archive but if they did, it is there.

Where it’s Quiet
The library has noise zones throughout the building but the 1st floor is the red zone. That means quiet. We also have earbuds and earplugs at the main desk.