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Study Tips for Final Exams - Part II


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Last week’s final exam tips were about how you can help yourself during final exams. This week it’s about how the library can help you.

Exam Archive
It was mentioned last week but is worth repeating again. The online exam archive has past finals which date from the 1960s through the present. A faculty member may not choose to put their exam in the archive but if they did, it is there.

Where it’s Quiet
The library has noise zones throughout the building but the 1st floor is the red zone. That means quiet. We also have earbuds and earplugs at the main desk.

Study Tips for Final Exams - Part I


It’s beginning to be that time again – finals. To assist you, the library is starting a two part series about the resources available to assist with final exams. Whether you’re a 1L, 2L, 3L or LL.M. there is always a new tip around the corner that can assist with ‘hacking’ the exam process.

Law School Links(the Nuts and Bolts):

The basic nuts and bolts information about exams is on the Law School’s exam page. It is where all schedules, details and information about Exam Software can be located.

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Exam Study Tips

A simple Google search will provide troves of exam study tips provided by law school professors and experts. Advice runs the gamut of exam strategy, study aids, study strategies and leveraging student groups.

The library also has a number of books that can assist with exam taking and study.  A complete list is in the Library New Student Toolkit . Many of these books are quick reads and available on reserve.

A good method for preparing for law school exams is to practice answering questions from past exams. For that reason, we have an exam archive which goes all the way back into the mid-1960s. Not all professors place their exams in the Law School’s exam archive. Some will post them on their individual TWEN site.

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