10 Blogs Law Students Should Follow


The best advice often comes from those that have been in our shoes at one point or another. Part of what makes blogs so incredibly informative is the fact that they are written by average, everyday people that just want to share their experiences with others. There are a number of Law Blogs (or “Blawgs”) that range from informative to humorous and sometimes even both. Here’s a list of 10 Blawgs that are definitely worth checking out.

  1. SCOTUS Blog – This blog covers topics about the Supreme Court in an unbiased manner.
  2. Legal Underground – Even though this blog is no longer being updated, it still has thousands of posts archived, some written by law students and others by practicing lawyers in the field.
  3. Above the Law – This blog discusses current topics with both witty remarks and skepticism (and is there really any other way?)
  4. Lowering the Bar – This one is mainly for fun as it covers just about any legal topic with humorous posts.
  5. The Lawyerist – This blog covers all kinds of advice you may want from a lawyer. Everything from what type of legal pad to use to elements of a successful law firm.
  6. Law Cents – This is another blog that isn’t updated too frequently now but it has a number of great archived posts that provide helpful tips for every aspect of working in the legal field.
  7. Law Technology Today – This blog is specifically about the new technologies that are coming out in regards to law. It’s from the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center and provides extensive resources on topics such as cloud computing, marketing, and security.
  8. My Shingle – This blog is about solo and small law firms with many helpful tips, free e-books, and forms for starting and running a law firm.
  9. A Connecticut Law Blog – This blog is written by a practicing Injury Attorney here in our very own Connecticut. He talks about many different aspects of being a practicing lawyer in CT beyond injury law which makes this a great resource.
  10. Legal Skills Prof Blog – This is a very informative blog written by law professors covering a wide range of topics.

These ten blogs are a great place to start but there are hundreds more out there. There are many blogs on specific areas of law such as criminal law, family law, employment law and much more. If you have a specific field you are interested in, you can definitely find a useful “Blawg” on it. ABA’s Blawg 100 is a list of 100 Blawgs that comes out every year and is a great place to learn more.


Elena Fernandez
Access Services Assistant,UConn Law