Autism Awareness Month


Autism ribbon and puzzle piece with "April is Autism Awareness Month"April is Autism awareness month. The CDC estimates that approximately one in every 68 children born in the United States have been identified as on the autism spectrum and that it affects about 1% of the world’s population. Many of us have a friend or family member who is on the autism spectrum or know someone who does. During this month (and the rest of the year), take the opportunity to promote awareness, and acceptance of those affected by autism, and help draw attention to the needs of those faced by it.

Despite many still unanswered questions about the causes of autism, there is a wealth of research, tools and publications available on the topic. UConn’s database collections contain hundreds of thousands of resources relating to or about autism. A simple keyword search in HeinOnline alone brings over 15,000 hits. Our law library also holds some valuable books about autism, some of which delve into laws, cases, and legal issues. Four are even authored or co-authored by members of the UConn Law School faculty and staff:

Having personal relationships with individuals with Asperger’s syndrome and autism has made this cause near and dear to my heart. I hope that this post reminds others that autism is something that touches many of us. We need to do the best we can to love, accept, and advocate for those who need it. For more information about Autism Awareness month, or autism in general visit:

Autism Society:

Autism Speaks:

CDC - Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD):

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