Final Exam Study Aids and Wellness Tips


With just a few days left until the end of this semester's final exams and the start of winter break, we offer some final reminders about studying and self-care. 

The Library's Course Exam Archive hosts a selection of previous final exams.  To access the archive, use your UConn NETID and password.  

Book cover for "What the L? - 25 Thing We Wish We'd Known Before Going to Law School"Our reference librarians have put together comprehensive research guides, which will help you locate sources and give you the issue overview.  Search by subject or keywords. 

Book Cover for "Law School Exams - A Guide to Better Grades"Check out our final exam course book display.  Selected from our Reserve Collection, the books displayed offer a range of topics: strategies to maximize your grades during your first year to a survival manual for the bar exam.  Read some of the firsthand accounts of outline and exam prep in What the L by Elizabeth Shelton, Kelsey May, and Samantha Roberts. 

For practical advice on improving grades, and mastering time-management and case-briefing techniques, refer to Alex Schimel's Law School Exams: A Guide to Better Grades.  

Photograph of Library Display - 10 Study Tips





While you are browsing the display, spend a minute to read our compiled study tips.  Focus on self-care and wellbeing during these intense final days of exams and writing. 









Photograph of Library relaxation puzzle table.





Take a break from studying and contribute to arranging this semester's animal puzzle.  You can find it near the display on the library's 3rd floor.









Photograph of food policy posters in the Law Library.




Food policy reminder signs are posted on the staircase doors at each floor in the library.  We understand that during long hours of study and concentration, nourishment is key.  Help us preserve the library collection and keep study spaces clean.  The new Campus Center on the library’s 3rd floor is a great place to eat your snack or dinner. 






And finally, don’t hesitate to reach out with any question. Librarians are here to help.  Get in touch with us in person, at the main desk, or by phone at (860) 570-5012 or email at

Thank you all for your cooperation. Have a wonderful break!!!


Polya Tocheva
Library Assistant,

Polya assists with the management of evening and weekend library operations and circulation activities, including closing the building, helping library patrons, and performing media filing. Polya also teaches upper-level English courses at the University of Connecticut, Storrs.