How do I Reserve a Space on Campus?


photo of wooden desk study carrels and chair in the libary A frequent question we receive is how to reserve space on campus and in the library.

Space in Hosmer, Chase, Starr & Knight Buildings

For campus room reservations outside the library building, fill out the ‘Room Reservation Request’ form and indicate ‘Pending Room Requests’ in the calendar dropdown.

Additional event planning information is located here, including room layouts.

If you know you need technology assistance, please clearly indicate it on the space request form. In addition, there is a separate form for reserving technology for an event, class or meeting.

It typically takes a few days to approve space so the further in advance you reserve a space, the better. We also find, the more information the better as well.

Space in Library Building

Reserving space in the library is separate from the rest of campus because the library is used in many different ways by many different groups of people. We work hard to balance everyone’s different informational, research and study needs.

Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Study Rooms, 3rd Floor Lounge and Outdoor Patio

The easiest way to reserve classrooms, conference rooms and study rooms is to use the ‘Room Reservation Request’ in the campus online reservation system. Indicate ‘Library Study Room’ in the ‘calendar’ dropdown.

You can also email, call us at (860) 570-5200 or stop by the main desk on the 3rd floor.

Computer Labs:

Email the Helpdesk. Rooms are not reserved through the campus system.

Entry Foyer:

The foyer can be reserved by emailing the library, putting a request in the campus reservation system or emailing the SBA.

The space can accommodate one event or up to two table events a day.

4th Floor Student Lounge:

The 4th floor student lounge can be reserved by emailing by emailing the library, putting a request in the campus reservation system or emailing the SBA. Events are not approved without prior approval from the SBA and library administration.

Equipment: Laptops and More

photo of black laptop bags hanging upYou can also reserve equipment, name placards, gavels and robes. Just inquire at the library main desk or email us.

Post not Helpful and Now You’re Really Confused?

We get it. Just put a request in the campus reservation system, we will help get the request to where it needs to go.

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Jessica Panella
Head of Access Services,UConn Law

As Head of Access Services, Jessica oversees the day-to-day operations of the Access Services Department which includes the main desk, reserve operations, building, stacks and continuations management as well as document delivery/interlibrary loan operations. Jessica holds a B.A. from UConn and a M.L.I.S from Drexel University.