Study Tips for Final Exams - Part II


Reposted from December 7, 2014

photo of highlighted words in a bookLast week’s final exam tips were about how you can help yourself during final exams. This week it’s about how the library can help you.

Exam Archive
It was mentioned last week but is worth repeating again. The online exam archive has past finals which date from the 1960s through the present. A faculty member may not choose to put their exam in the archive but if they did, it is there.

Where it’s Quiet
The library has noise zones throughout the building but the 1st floor is the red zone. That means quiet. We also have earbuds and earplugs at the main desk.

Where to Eat
Food, the thorn in a librarian’s side. We want you to be comfortable studying, and understand the need for a snack. For that reason, small contained snacks are allowed on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th floors. No food is allowed on the 1st.

For a messier, more involved meal please use either the 3rd or 4th floor lounges. Each has a microwave.

Where there is Coffee
The SBA is providing free coffee near the 3rd floor vending machines.

Where to Break
Everyone needs a break. The library has TVs in the lounges, sporting equipment, board games as well as popular books and DVDs.

Where there are study aids
In addition to material placed on course reserve by professors, study aids are located on reserve.  They include hornbooks, nutshells, current editions of Examples and Explanations and select Emanuel Outlines.

And don’t forget CALI! It has over 900 lessons in 35 legal subjects. They also have select ebooks. For access, please contact us.

Where to Meet
The library has 14 study rooms for groups of 2 or more to meet during final exams. Reservations are four hours per day per group. You can reserve a room online or in person at the main desk. The rooms are popular but you can book them up to a week in advance.

Last minute Research Assistance
Mistakenly leave the paper for the last minute? It happens. Our reference team is still here to assist with any questions you have. Don’t spin your research wheels, ask them.

Need more tips or a sympathetic ear?
We’re here every hour the library is open with you. Ask us anything, if we don’t know the answer we’ll find it.

And last but not least - best of luck!!

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