Thriving at UConn Law


image of an artistic rendering of a tree with orange, yellow, and red leaves.Everyone loves Fall- the leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and there are apple cider donuts around every corner. Unfortunately for law students, Fall is also when coursework begins to pile up and deadlines start to feel more imminent than the first hard frost. For 1L’s, this time of year is also means preparing for Mock Trial competitions and the beginning of commitments to other extra-curricular activities. On top of that, first year students might find that sitting down to outline for the first time feels a bit like getting lost in a corn maze.

Luckily for students at UConn Law, the library and administrative staff have seen it all before and have prepared resources to help students power through the tough Fall season.  In addition to exam preparation sessions (keep an eye on your email inboxes) and access to research librarians, “Thriving at UConn Law” is a new LibGuide on the library website that is designed to help keep your academic and personal life on track. The guide is broken down into three simple topics: mindfulness and stress relief, productivity, and healthy living. Each of these pages contains a curated list of quick tips, books, and other practical advice for staying on top of your game. If you checked out the guide at the beginning of the semester, pop back in for updates and even more helpful tips. Check it out at:

Also be sure to stop by the “Thriving at UConn Law” display in library across from the circulation desks. In the display, you’ll find books to help you succeed, bookmarks with relaxation techniques, and even to-do lists to help put your study time to good use. Grab what you need and always remember that the library is rooting for you!


Tatyana Marugg
JD Candidate 2019,UConn Law